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Spam Filtering - Custom Spam Tag

Adding a custom spam tag

By default, when a message arrives in your mailbox that Webmail identifies as spam, that message has a flag added to it, to indicate that it's spam. The spam flag currently is !!!!!SPAM DETECTED!!!!!, but if you add your own custom tag, then all incoming spam messages will have your custom spam tag added to their Subject line.

To customize your Webmail's spam tag log into webmail at

1. Click Settings.

2. In the Settings pane, click Spam Settings.


3. In the Subject Tag field, enter the custom spam tag that you want to use, and then click Save.
We recommend that you add a space or special character at the end of your tag so it does not run into the first word of the original subject line.


Any messages you download that are suspected of being spam will now have your custom spam tag in their Subject line and should be easy to identify.

 Last updated Thu, Nov 13 2014 3:36pm

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