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How do I reset the Web Console Password
For Windows Users:

To change the password, you'll need to change an entry in the ZenGuardian database on the system running ZenGuardian.   This is done using sqlite3.exe in the zenguardian home>\lib\sqlite\ directory.  

  1. Find the directory where ZenGuardian is stored.  Default is C:\Program Files\CSS\ZenGuardian\data 
    (If your installation is in a different location adjust the path as necessary)
  2. Open a command prompt (windows key + r, and type CMD in the box and press enter)
  3. cd to c:\program files\css\zenguardian\data
  4. Paste this command, (as a single line)

C:\Program Files\CSS\ZenGuardian\data>c:\"program files\css\zenguardian\lib\sqlite\sqlite3.exe" sgclient.db "insert or replace into SG_USER value s (1,1,'admin', '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3');"

This will change the password to admin now you can log into the web interface and change the password.  

 Last updated Wed, Sep 17 2014 8:51am

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